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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

No Other Supplements Like Whey Protein Shakes

Before looking into various types and categories of whey protein shakes it is important for you to understand the types for protein powders.  Protein supplements come from different sources giving birth to different types of proteins that can be divided as vegetable source proteins and animal source proteins. The animal proteins are derived from milk such as whey and casein, and white proteins like beef and egg proteins. The vegetable protein source on the other hand can be soy, rice, hemp, pea and sprouted grain proteins.

When used as supplements, animal proteins are more popular than vegetable sources, especially the whey protein. The most popular of vegetable source proteins include Soy, rice and pea
Getting Protein Supplements- Choosing The Best
It is not always about picking any type of vegetable or animal source protein in the market. It is with proper consideration of several other factors when selecting the best protein supplement.  Reading labels is not enough on the various protein powders. Always check the allergies related to various protein components before purchase. Confirm the presence of artificially generated ingredients that you may wish to avoid and choose the best protein supplement that meets your needs.
Note the following characteristics before placing a purchase order.
                    Types of proteins used
                    Flavors and sweetness used
                    Required protein per gram during serving
                    Types of artificial ingredients used for enhancing
The above characteristics will guide you to choose effectively the best protein that will work well in your body for better and faster results with no additional costs of treating allergies.
Existing Categories Whey Protein Shakes
Whey Protein Shakes can be prepared from whey concentrate, whey isolate, blend or both.  Whey protein is composed of milk with 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein.  It is the most popular among all the protein powders. Whey protein is more economical, has the best taste, and has high quality proteins. The fact that it enhances the immune system gives it a greater advantage that is overlooked always by many users.  Let us look at different types of whey proteins and the benefit you can acquire from using each.
                    Whey Concentrate- This is a more economical protein per gram that has low lactose level suitable for most lactose sensitive-people. The amounts of fats and carbs are vital to recommend nutrient intake
                    Whey Isolate- this is a virtually fat-free protein supplement suitable for anyone wishing to eliminate excess fat in his or her diets. The supplement is lactose free and hence is suitable for individuals who are hypersensitive with low lactose levels in whey concentrate.
best Whey protein shakes are the best protein supplements for all the bodybuilding needs. The concentrate and isolate blends are suitable for people who are not sensitive to either of lactose levels and are free to consume anything.
Conclusion- Whey Protein
Whey protein is the best supplement for bodybuilding but should never be used as a substitute for a healthy diet. Best results are achieved if used after intense training.


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