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Monday, 11 May 2015

How to Choose Best Protein Powder?

People are continually seeking for supplements to help them build muscle, boost energy and lose weight. Either you are an athlete, sports person or a normal person, it is essential to add sufficient amount of protein throughout the day to put up strong muscle and stay full. But when chicken and eggs turn into a little boring, protein powder variety can come in practical.
The complete food protein also provides nutrients that single protein powder cannot offer. Protein powder supplement can also add in regular diet which is more simple and convenient way. It is usual to be bewildered when it comes to getting a right type because different types of powder are available in market. Find more details of different types of protein which is suitable for individual needs and dietary preferences.
It is the most common and affordable variety of protein in the market. Whey can be easily found in any supplement shop Whey is complete protein and it is made up of milk. It gets easily digestible. It can be helpful in rebuilding and repair muscle. Go with whey protein isolate because it has the highest protein concentration and very small fat.
Casein is another type of milk protein, which is absorbed by body much slower than whey. Casein is good choice for food substitute and it keeps you full for long time. Casein is a complete source of protein and amount of amino acid is relatively high in glutamine. Protein powders come in variety of flavors and adding it with home flavors can bring some tasteful treats.
Soy protein is made up of soybean and it is usually added in supplements and also in food because it is quite cheap protein to produce. Soy protein itself is a decent source for supplementation. It contain sufficient amount of amino acids has a taste i.e. easily covered by flavoring agents, and can be processed in such a way that many undesired byproducts can be removed, creating it a comparatively pure solution of amino acids.
Brown Rice
Rice is mostly composed of carbohydrate, brown rice has a small of protein and it is extracted to make brown rice protein. Rice is not complete source of protein, so pairing it with other source of animal protein or plant based protein such as hemp or pea powder, is the best way to add this supplement in your diet and complete the essential amino acid profile. Brown rice is easily digested, building it an excellent choice for anyone with a sensitive stomach to soy or dairy.
Pea protein is naturally fat and cholesterol free and fully digestible. It is completely plant based protein and affordable in price and has similar level of protein per same sized serving as whey and casein. People who have stomach problem with their current protein powder, it may make logic to give pea protein a try. As pea is not a complete source of protein, so it is essential to paired with other vegan source of protein such as brown rice or hemp.
When it comes to selecting protein powders, customers have various options. Powders are available in any source imaginable with variety of prices. The protein you select will be kind of your dietary needs and food preferences.

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