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Monday, 8 June 2015

Best Protein Powder for a Leaner Body

As we know that, protein is essential to build, and maintain muscle. Including protein in diet provide all the essential amino acids. Some powders and drinks can offer a protein substitute without much increasing consumption of fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol or calories.
Protein powders available in different types, whey, soy and casein are three common proteins. Whey is a water soluble milk protein and it is generally used. Protein contains all nine amino acids essential for human dietary needs and it is available in widely varying price tags. Vegetarian may prefer soy protein but it doesn’t dissolve in water.
What type of protein to use?
Whey, Soy, casein and rice are the main type of protein. Mostly protein products are prepared with whey. Whey and casein both are obtained from milk. Amino acids are vital for maintaining muscle tissue. Whey proteins digest faster as compare to casein and soy protein. So whey protein is your best bet. Some athletes select casein due to its slower metabolism rate. Soy is most healthy form of protein and acceptable to vegetarians. It is a heart healthy protein; including 25grams a day can turn to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Are you finding best protein powder of 2015?
If you are a sports person, bodybuilder and athlete? Or just want to stay healthy; undoubtedly heard about whey protein powder. As we all know, protein is vital aspect in building muscle.
Whey protein powder is the most usual form; people can mix the powder with water or milk. Create a tasty whey protein shake to drink before, after or during workout or physical activity.  It also enhances the immune system and available in two varieties such as Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate. Protein product of whey can be prepared from whey concentrate, whey cut off or mixture of both. Other types of protein are sometimes shared with whey proteins in products and are identified as protein blends.
Casein or Milk Protein
Similar to whey protein, Casein is another type of Milk Protein.  As the percentage of casein is very high in milk, so the term “milk protein” and “casein protein” can be used interchangeably. The main difference among the two protein whey and casein is that, digestion rate of whey protein is faster and it is absorbed quickly. On the other hand, casein is absorbed slowly and bit by bit. Both proteins have their unique benefits, hence, which is better, whey or protein? It is difficult question to answer.

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