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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Supply – Meant Weight

Today a large part of the world is suffering from a disease called – Obesity. A person suffering from Obesity is called Obese. An Obese person is one who has a large amount of body fat or in simple terms is very heavy weight.  While the major part is obese people, there are still those lucky few who can eat whatever they like and yet remain slim. Most of their diet would comprise of high oil food, junk food, ice cream, chocolates and yet they would look as thin as ever. While it looks like a big advantage to us, it may not exactly be for those who are extra slim or have a high metabolism rate. 

Out of these lucky ones there are also those who wish to have a fuller body. They want to build a physique or are tired of being nagged on being super thin or simply want to look macho. Well there are miracle workers for them as well and they do not consume to much time, they are – Weight Gain supplements.

What are weight gain supplements?

Weight gain supplements are usually supplements consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and some essential vitamins that provide the body with the required body mass.

What do you mean by body mass?

A lot many still do not understand the difference between body mass and fat. Supplements are used to increase the body mass thus giving the individual a fuller body. The idea is to get the right amount of body mass at the right places. By wanting to gain weight, what you want to do is add good nutrients to the body and not add fat, because adding fat to the body does not result in a good physique and neither is it good for health. 
Today a large number of dietary supplements are available to give you that dream physique. These are available in a variety of flavours and are tasty thus making it more and more people friendly. Majority of these supplements include dietary fibres. These dietary fibres make it easy to digest these supplements. 
These supplements are best for people who follow them religiously in the right dosage. There are some things that one such keep in mind like - one must ensure that you take these supplements after consulting a dietician and not just pick up one brand that looks good and tastes good, Overuse of these can lead to catastrophic results, Teens especially females should ensure that these supplements do not mess with their hormones etc. Usually the body of 15 – 16 year olds have very active organs and processes within their body and thus they should avoid going for such supplements unless otherwise advised by the dietician.  
One such interesting product offered by Supplement Edge is the BSN True Mass. This product is unique because not only does it give you a yummy taste but also has some essential vitamins like Vitamin A & C. The largest component of this product is protein. Protein helps in development of the body. It is made of amino acid residues. While animals have all the required amino acids present in their bodies, Humans need to obtain these from food.  
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