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Monday, 19 May 2014


Are you having problems combating fat? Do you have the tendency to gain weight? Do you have certain fat inhabited problem areas or in other words do you have the tendency to gain weight only at certain areas of your body? If your answer to all these is a YES, then we have the perfect solution for you. It’s a product called – GAT Jet fuel liquid caps. 

Product Details:

GAT Jet Fuel liquid caps helps in a number of ways like giving a boost of energy, building stamina, reducing fat from problem areas & burning body fat. This product is developed by Supplement Edge & contains a number of ingredients that contribute to the reduction of fat or melting of fat from the body. Some of the ingredients included in this are:
1)      Phosphatidylcholine – Other than the fact that this chemical is used to treat a number of diseases like movement related diseases, Hepatitis, Eczema, Alzheimer’s etc it Is one of the key agents used in cosmetic injections used for dissolving body fat. It is basically a chemical found in high protein foods like eggs, Soybean etc. 
2)      Phosphatidylserine – This ingredient present in the supplement has properties that help in reducing stress caused by exercising. It also helps in improving performance which is very important from the point of view of body building and sports. 
3)      Magnolia Bark Extract – This is a naturally grown ingredient obtained from the Magnolia plant. It helps in speeding up the weight loss process, improves digestion and is also used to cure problems like the common cold etc.
This product also contains a combination of vitamins i.e. Vitamin B3, B12 & B6. Each of these vitamins performs one standard function which is that they help in extracting energy from food. Other than this these vitamins perform the following functions:
1)      Vitamin B3 is responsible for improving the digestive system
2)      Vitamin B12 helps in keeping a health nervous system
3)      Vitamin B6 helps in using the energy developed in the body and in the development of haemoglobin.
Other than this the product contains natural ingredients like Orange peel powder, Coffee bean extracts, Citrus oil, ginger, grapefruit extract etc. It is German engineered and gives an instant response with respect to weight loss and appetite.
Location: Portland, ME, USA

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