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Monday, 7 July 2014

How Whey Protein Can Revamp Your Health?

Health is that one thing that you can’t buy off and they only way to stay healthy is physical workout. Do you need to work on your body or lose those extra pounds? For past several decades, whey protein has been associated with bodybuilding and muscle mass irrespective for its numerous health benefits. 

Everyone is aware of the importance of consuming sufficient amount of protein to gain muscles, although it doesn’t mean having in excess but sufficient amount would cover up for several other functions. If you are planning to add whey protein in your diet, here are some important benefits that you should be aware off.

Which are the several types of whey healthy proteins?

If you didn’t know that, you pretty much started with the wrong nutritionist or advisor. The market is full of different brands of whey powders but unless you know what each of these would do, there isn’t much use of buying one. 

Types of Whey 

·         1. Hydrolyzed whey protein
·         2. Whey protein (isolate)
·         3. Whey protein (concentrate)
·         4. Whey concentrate (undenatured)

If you are into professional bodybuilding, isolate whey protein is the right thing for you as it contains up to 90% of whey and minimal amount of fat and lactose. All the other forms usually have up to 25% of protein and it is important to read the label on protein bottle to make the right choice.

Top 3 Benefits of Whey Protein

·        Whey is good for heart: It might come as a surprise to some but whey does much more than building muscles. According to experts, regular consumption of whey promotes healthy cholesterol levels in blood and keep saturated fat intake at lower levels. 

·    Whey can improve your immunity: Another important benefit of whey is that it can improve the immunity of your body. Whey protein comprises of an antibody called immunoglobulin that pumps up the overall performance of your immune system. 

·        Whey can help you control your weight: If not for bodybuilding, you still need to keep a check over your weight and that’s what whey protein can help you with. It is best to consume whey protein with non-fat milk and it might even increase the overall weight loss affect. One of the important factors of weight loss is to maintain a proper composition of different elements in your body and whey helps in that. Especially for overweight individuals who cannot rely on dairy products for protein supply.

What products can you look out for?

If you are looking out for some specific whey supplements, Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard is an optimum choice. It is available in different packs and flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cream and cookies. 

It is made up of whey protein isolates and offers up to 24 grams of protein in each serving along with minimal amount of fat, lactose, cholesterol, and any fatty ingredient. Some additional features of this product include hydro whey peptides with quick action formula and micro fractions of whey protein. It further has glutamine and precursors for an overall healthy dietary supplement. It is suitable as a food supplement and you can ask your nutritionist about the same. 

One of the most crucial things is to find the right product and once you have found one, make sure to read customer reviews and any complaints against the product. Some research on Internet will save your money as well as your health!

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