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Monday, 1 December 2014


Supplements are something that almost every one of us today would know about. What we are really confused about is if they are just meant for body builders. No. Supplements are supplementary nutritional products that anyone and everyone can take to provide their bodies with everything that the natural diet fails to provide.

Vitamins and supplements are devoured together, and work in complementary relationship to each other.

When consumed along with a proper exercise regime, they render outstanding results. Health Supplements offer caloric and nutritional support to anyone involved in strenuous physical activity looking to increase their stamina and strength.

Health supplements cater to all the physical and nutritional needs of the human body. They are consumed in order to get rid of all deficiencies and health hassles.

Health supplements can be:
·         1. Muscle gainers
·         2.Weight gainers
·         3. Vitamins and minerals
·         4. Dietary supplements
·         5. Muscle recovery agents
·         6. Height gainers
And so on.

Health supplements are available everywhere around the globe. These supplements are not just used by single individuals, but also offered as complementary goodies in athletics or weight lifting events.

For instance, the famous weight lifting championship “MR. OLYMPIA” offers all its candidates with such health supplements as consolation prizes.

These wholesale supplements offer great monetary benefits when ordered or bought in bulk are. Wholesalers and suppliers save upon their VAT and the customer saves upon his VAT, when such supplements are bought in bulk. Additionally, supplements bought by wholesalers are 100% authentic without the fear of adulteration. 

Health supplements are innumerable, but some of the best health supplements are:

WHEY protein is voted as the most unrivalled supplement. The myth that prevails about such supplements is that no matter what, they will help you gain muscle mass. But the truth is that the working of such supplements depends on your body type and muscle index. It’s upon the body to show a positive response to the extra things that are being loaded upon it.

Glutamine is a free foam amino acid supplement that circulates in muscle tissue. Not only this, glutamine gets stored in muscle tissue and is used by the body when required.

Creatinine is amine based supplement which is consumed both pre and post workout. This helps in increasing the adrenaline secretion in the body and increases stamina. 

Optimen and Optiwomen is tablet based health supplement for men and women.  This makes up for the loss and deficiencies all vitamins and minerals.

Some of the other best health supplements are anabolic supplements, Arnold Schwarzenegger IRON CRES, Antler and Branched chained amines. 

When buying health supplements in bulk, one should always compare and contrast different wholesalers and the buy only FDA approved supplements.
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