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Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Another great thought of man, that actually helped, was the thought about insufficient amount of nutrients that we tend not to provide to our bodies for its efficiency. Thanks to science, supplements are scientifically produced powdered products that we can add to our natural diets to provide ourselves with the sufficient amount of nutrients. 

These supplements are not consumed to treat deficiencies, but are consumed as additional food materials to speed up some biological activities. In particular these are consumed by athletes and body builders to enhance their stamina and muscle activity.  

Weight lifting supplements are meant to help increase the body strength in order to kick-start the process of weight lifting. These supplements are consumed along with a balanced diet and taken pre or post workout, as desired.
When looked upon, these weight lifting supplements are a mix or vitamins and amines. Vitamins are needed to enhance the productivity of muscles and amines are basically proteins that help in growth and repair of muscles and tissues. And along with this, there is also a hint of casein included in such supplements. 

Weight lifting supplements are a mix of weight gainers and mass gainers supplements. They can be consumed in a consecutive cycle.

Most widely used supplements are as follows:

Whey is voted as the most unrivalled supplement. The myth that prevails about such supplements is that no matter what, they will help you gain muscle mass. But the truth is that the working of such supplements depends on your body type and muscle index. It’s upon the body to show a positive response to the extra things that are being loaded upon it.

WHEY protein can be further categorized into OATS and SOY proteins. Both oats and soy are essential energy providers which help in increasing the basic strength of the body.

Glutamine is a free foam amino acid supplement that circulates in muscle tissue. Not only this, glutamine gets stored in muscle tissue and is used by the body when required.

Creatinine is the most essential and much needed supplement for the body muscles. It constitutes up to 90% of the muscle index. This supplement can be of both German as well as American origin.

Branch chain amines are the most essential amino acids used to increase the muscle density. In addition to this, this BRANCH CHAIN AMINE also helps in recovery of worn out muscles and tissues.

Weight gain supplements are artificially and chemically prepared food items. And the consumers should opt only for FDA approved supplements and should also consult their physician before they intake such supplements.
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