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Monday, 24 November 2014


Muscle is a soft tissue found in most of the animals. These cells are composed of protein filaments that contract and relax, which results in the change in structure of such muscles. Muscles are primarily responsible for motion. These muscles constitute 90% of the human body and carry our anaerobic activities all time long.

Due to lifestyle changes, people are becoming more cautious towards their health and are adopting ways to look better and healthier. Body building activities are something that many men are inclined towards.

When building up a muscular frame, the muscles undergo a lot of contraction and relaxation. Such activities when accompanied with heavy weight training, can lead to increased muscle tensions. Muscle is just a bundle of soft tissues connected together. Such activities exhaust these tissues and at that time, “RECOVERY” of muscles is necessary. 

As we all know, that vitamins and amines are necessary for the growth and repair of body tissues, regular intake of foods containing these compounds is necessary. But, these compounds are not available in abundance in naturally occurring foods. So, in order to satisfy the need for proteins and vitamins, MUSCLE RECOVERY SUPPLEMENTS are created. 

Muscle recovery supplements are basically Post workout supplements that are beneficial in the following ways:
1.      Repair the worn out tissues
2.      Lends a layer of protection to the muscles
3.      Provides lubrication and strength to muscles
4.      Helps in muscle mass gain 

As we all know, that amines are the most needed compounds by the body, these muscle recovery supplements should be rich in amines and should also supply abundance of energy. A person needs to fuel his body with these muscle recovery supplements within 45 minutes after his workout is completed.

PROTIENS are one of the most critically needed nutrients and should be taken immediately after workouts. This is because, your muscles have been broken down and proteins are needed to rebuild them.

CARBS are also required to regain and rebuild the muscle fibers. This is so, because during the contraction and relaxation of muscles, glycogen is burned up. And carbs are helpful in restoring the lost glycogen.

CREATINE is the life supporter of muscles and tissues. This should be consumed both pre and post workout.

BRANCHED AMINO ACIDS are responsible to speed up the secretion of cortisol hormone. This is active after workouts and enhances muscle fiber and mass. 

Some of the best Post workout supplements are:
1.      100% WHEY PROTIEN
2.      L- GLUTAMINE

In order to gain lean and muscular stature, an individual should supply himself with best pre and post workout supplements. These artificially created compounds replenish the body with all the nutrients it has lost. In addition to these supplements, a person should consume a balanced diet and rest is also important for the recovery of muscles.

It is advised that trainers should adequately sleep for 2-3 hours after heavy muscle training. This puts the muscles to rest and offers speedy recovery.
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