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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Top 3 best supplements for muscle gain

If you like working out and is completely into body building from a long time, you probably understand the importance of body building supplements. These come in different compositions, effects and flavors. However, this often confuses us thinking which one of these we should choose for ourselves.

Let us discuss top 3 best supplements for muscle gain, but before we do that, it is important to state that supplements are called supplements for a reason. The reason is the fact that we can never replace it real nutritious food, but only take them as an adder, as a supplement.

The below mentioned three products can only be benefiting when you take it with good nutritious food. The top 3 best supplements for muscle gain are:

·         Muscle meds carnivore Raging Bull Series
·         BPI Sports Whey-HD
·         Muscle Pharm BCAA 3:1:2
1] Muscle Meds Carnivore Raging Bull Series: it is 3 times more concentrated a steak of meat. It is also more concentrated than whey protein. Its ANRT constantly recycles Aminos and lower the ammonia. The Raging Bull Series is packed with anabolic Aminos which is generally found in pure beef and that makes it a very potent supplement. Raging Bull series is loaded with creatine and is totally free of Lactose. It is a sure shot success because many years ago when there were no supplements, these were the ingredients bodybuilders used to consume.

2] BPI Sports Whey-HD: If you want fitness and not just body and flesh, whey protein is one of the must have supplement for you. Whey HD is a recovery agent of muscles. Each and every serving of BPI Sports Whey HD contains 25 grams of rapidly digesting protein. Whey HD is a sports supplement whose protein is better than any other protein supplement out there in the market. Whey HD is a better supplement because of its ultra-premium muscle building powder. 

3] Muscle Pharm BCAA 3:1:2: This is a supplement which provides you a multi-branched chain of amino acid. Muscle Pharm BCAA is a supplement that precisely delivers what is needed. The ingredients of Muscle Pharm range from l-Valine to l-Isoleucine to l-Leucine. With such a combination, you get all the vast benefits of a protein supplement. 

Apart from these 3 best supplements for muscle gain, there are many other highly effective supplements available at the supplement edge.
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